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Five Italwin K2 MAX
Town or off-road: the choice is yours! The MAX release of the K2 ITALWIN folding e-bike is equipped with 4? wide wheels, making it a fun folding fat-bike. Entirely made in Italy, it has a powerful central FIVE engine, an highly technological configuration ideal for off-road. Backlit LCD display, hydraulic disc brakes on both wheels and suspension fork, K2 MAX is designed to guarantee exceptional versatility in every situation: the aggressive engine and the stable trim, make it ideal for both asphalt and uneven, from the city to the countryside.
Five Italwin Nuvola 24
TAKE IT EASY If you want to move in the city lightly, effortlessly, and with the convenience of stopping at any time without compromising your stability, NUVOLA4 with 24? tires is your e-bike. A pedal assist bicycle particularly light and very versatile, thanks to the possibility to mount a front basket. The down tube guarantees security at stops and traffic lights as you can rest your foot entirely on the pavement. A detail to remember is the suspended fork, that makes NUVOLA4 a complete electric city bike.
Five Italwin Nuvola 26
THE FOURTH EDITION OF AN URBAN CLASSIC NUVOLA4 26? is a very popular e-bike, its comfort is superior thanks to the wide new Monte Grappa saddle and the high handlebar. It is very stable and light. With NUVOLA4 you can stop and start again with minimal effort thanks to the FIVE rear engine. Climbing and descending curbs is no problem with the 40 mm Zoom suspension fork. A complete e-bike within everyone’s reach, a success now in its fourth edition, renewed in details and graphics.
Five Italwin Pearl Lite
THE SMART CITY TRAVELER The new PEARL LITE is a comfortable e-bike with an elegant design. The frame creates a continuous line from the seat to the handlebars, the low step allows you to get on and off the saddle with ease. Equipped with display, lights, kickstand, and fenders to move around with style. Thanks to the efficient FIVE F90 engine, built-in features, and dynamic design, PEARL LITE takes you around the city streets with comfort.
Five Nuvola Lite 26
SIMPLE AND EASY TO USE NUVOLA LITE is extremely accurate in details: ABS crankcase, 3 different sizes of battery, comfort LED lights, Shimano 7-speed gearbox. The frame, with low down tube, and the 26” wheels make it stable when you’re stationary and agile for city driving, the soft start device helps in restarts: particularly suitable for city centers and during shopping. NUVOLA LITE is available in white, like traditional city-bikes and in metallic gray which increases its urban appeal.
Five Waycel BIGE
Moving is more fun with the second generation of eBig, the fat tyres e-bike that retains all the agility and portability of a foldable bicycle. It guarantees maximum stability and grip on the road thanks to the innovative 4’’ wide-tires that ensure a perfect and comfortable use on every type of urban route. The suspension fork, adjustable and the powerful rear motor give you fun and maximum road holding. The luggage rack is also standard on the new sand-colored e-bike.
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