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Owned and operated by brothers Charlie and Mark Fetzer, Lakeshore Bicycles has been serving Jacksonville since 1961. We are proud to be the oldest bike shop in Jacksonville and we don’t take this achievement lightly. While others have come and gone, Lakeshore has thrived because of our love for cycling and our belief in customer service, community outreach, and providing you the best products at the best prices. Whether it was a Western Flyer 50 years ago, a Schwinn 30 years ago, or a Trek bicycle today, we are constantly expanding our services to suit your needs. We stock a full compliment of accessories and bicycles and are the largest recumbent bicycle dealer in north Florida. Stop by today just to say hi or test ride your next bike.  


Charlie Fetzer, Co-Owner

Birthplace: Somers Point, NJ
Grew Up In: Everywhere, my dad was in the Navy

Family: Wife Cathy, a daughter and two sons  

How / When You Got Into Bicycling: My dad worked in a shop in Buffalo. I bought my first 10 speed when I was 14
When / Why You Came to Jacksonville: I came to Jacksonville in 1981 to work for our father at LakeShore Bicycles    
Interests Outside of Bicycling: woodworking, canoeing, swimming, scouts 
Favorite Ride in the Area: anywhere exploring the city with my wife Cathy   
Interesting Bike Ride You Have Done: the Ride Across Florida    
Favorite Bike: Burley touring bike  
Favorite Bike Gadget or Accessory: the bell that doesn’t stop ringing  
Best Bike-Related Achievements: rode to Maine with my 2 sons, one of which I was towing with a trail-a-bike
Best Non-Bike Related Achievements: I built my own house  


Mark Fetzer, Co-Owner 

Birthplace: Buffalo, NY
Grew Up In: Everywhere, my dad was in the Navy

Family: Wife and two daughters

Pets: Cat named Louie
How / When You Got Into Bicycling: I started working at LakeShore when my Father bought the store in 1980
When / Why You Came to Jacksonville: my family moved here in 1977 
Interests Outside of Bicycling: Square Dancing, Fishing, most anything with water
Favorite Ride in the Area: The Saturday morning group ride at LakeShore Bicycles
Interesting Bike Ride You Have Done: Alleghany Passage and C&O Canal  
Favorite Bike: Waterford touring bike 
Favorite Bike Gadget or Accessory: Chamois Butter   
Best Bike-Related Achievements: Working in a bike shop for 30 years    
Best Non-Bike Related Achievements


Cathy Fetzer, Co-Owner

Birthplace: Middletown, NY
Grew Up In:Circleville,NY

Family: 3 kids, Faith, Eddie and Billy. Husband Charlie.

How / When You Got Into Bicycling: Seriously, in 2006, when I did my first MS 150. Used a bike for my primary transportation from the time we moved down here in 1981 until the first child came in 1985.
When / Why You Came to Jacksonville: Moved down here from Buffalo, NY with Charlie
Interests Outside of Bicycling: hiking, baseball, hanging out with any or all of my kids.
Favorite Ride in the Area:  Lots of great ones, but really enjoy riding the Jax-Baldwin rail-trail
Interesting Bike Ride You Have Done: C&O Canal from Washington DC to Pittsburgh with the family
Favorite Bike:  My Specialized Amira
Favorite Bike Gadget or Accessory:  bike computer
Best Bike-Related Achievements: 12 centuries in 2015, one a month.
Best Non-Bike Related Achievements: 3 wonderful children and a great group of friends. All a person could ask for.


Thomas Williams, Service 

Birthplace: Jacksonville, Fl
Grew Up In: Jacksonville, Fl


How / When You Got Into Bicycling: I got my first job at a bike shop straight out of highschool and that started my hobby
When / Why You Came to Jacksonville: I came to Jacksonville in the 80s to start a new life
Interests Outside of Bicycling:  Rock climbing
Favorite Ride in the Area:  Riverside to Downtown and the Riverwalk
Interesting Bike Ride You Have Done:   I rode to Keywest during Fantasy Fest.
Favorite Bike:  Surly Crosscheck
Favorite Bike Gadget or Accessory:  Handlebar mounted cup-holder
Best Bike-Related Achievements:   4th place, All Florida Bike Polo Championship
Best Non-Bike Related Achievements:  Learning to Scuba Dive in the Gulf of Mexico

 Ryan Noir, Sale Associate

Birth Place: Boston Massachusetts
Grew-Up: Massachusetts, New Hampshire, and New York
Family: Girlfriend
Pets: Alfred the Min Pin
How/When you got into cycling: I rode all kinds of bikes throughout my childhood (BMX/Dirt Jumpers, Downhill, General Transportation). I got serious when I planned a post-college road tour.
How you came to Jacksonville: Moved here in 2014 for girlfriends job.
Interests outside of cycling: Fiction, spontaneous adventures, local cuisine
Favorite local bike ride: Anywhere with good pavement and light traffic
Most interesting bike ride you have done: Tie between San Francisco to Salt Lake City tour and Parameter of New England tour.
Favorite Bike: Surly Cross Check
Favorite bike gadgets: Brooks saddle, Ergo Handlebars and shoes - keep those contact points comfy!
Best bike related achievment: I've done three seperate one thousand + mile unsupported road tours.
Best non-bike achievments: Writing a novel... I'll let you know if it ever gets published.

Sam Baldwin

Birth Place: Chincoteague, Va.
Grew-Up: Jacksonville
Family: Wife and two sons
Pets: Lucy, Black Mutt
How/When you got into cycling: Been riding since I was five years old.
Interests outside of cycling: Boating
Favorite local ride: Backroads of Riverside.
Favorite bike: I like them all!
Favorite bike gadget: Cyclometer
Best bike related achievement: 50 foot Wheelie!

Ryan Douglas

Birth Place: West Palm Beach, Fl
Grew-up: Palm Harbor, Fl
Pets: 2 dogs, 1 cat, 1 snake
How/When you became interested in cycling: My fiance's family got me interested when I moved to Jacksonville.
Interests outside of cycling: Video Games (PS4)
Favorite Local Ride: Riverwalk
Most Interesting Bike Ride: J B Starkey State Park
Favorite Bike: Trek Excaliber 9
Best non bike Achievement: Pretty good in the kitchen

Chris Studi

Birth Place: Brockport, NY
Grew-up: Atlanta, Ga
Pets: Dogs, Luna and Moochacho
How/When you got into cycling: I watch a youtube video on Trials Riding in 2007 and went out and bought a bike.
Interests Outside of riding: Home Renovation and repair
Favorite Local Ride: Delivering subs for Jimmy Johns downtown
Most interesting riding: Being paid to ride trials for "On The Edge 2-Wheel Action Shows"
Best non-bike related achievement: Renovating my kitchen.




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